Friday, December 10, 2010

My first Christmas

Hey guys! Happy Holidays! Just a little update from the Lou-Man. I don't know what happened here, but there is weird crap all over this house. I don't understand this big wooden light up Santa guy in the dining room. So I peed on him. What the heck is that tree with shiny stuff on it in the front room? Don't get that either. So I peed on it. I don't really care for the jingle bells on the doors either. Can't pee on those. But, if I were greater than 6 inches in height, I would go for it.
I realized yesterday that this will be my first Christmas with my forever family. I don't really remember life before them, but my mom says someone must have loved me. I disagree- uh, didn't she rescue me the day before I was supposed to be euthanized? She said that because I am so attention seeking and spoiled that I must have learned that I could get away with it somewhere. I bet my other family misses me. Like my mom says, "their loss is her gain!" I don't really understand what that means, but when she says it she is always nuzzling me or kissing my face, so I just go with it.
Yesterday morning I pulled another of my "cuteness" stunts. I am trying to "out cute" everyone else in the house. Based on the snubs from Miko and Fritz growling at me, I think I succeed. Anyway, I got hot under the covers and so I moved up and slept next to my mom's head, on her pillow, on my back, with all four stubby legs sticking straight in the air. HOW CUTE IS THAT? Sometimes, I don't even know where I come up with this stuff. I impress myself.
Well, mom might need to mop the floor, which means I need to walk across it in a few minutes.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Kisser!

When my mom walked into the vet today, they all said "It's Louie's mom!!!" I heard her voice and immediately started talking smack in the back. The nurse came out and said to my mom "He knows your here!" When they FINALLY carried me out to her, I gave her a dirty look, but wagged my tail, kissed all over her face, and did my little groan thing that I do when I am excited. Then the nurse kissed my head to tell me goodbye and I licked her right on the lips. Several times. Hey..hate the game, not the playa.
Funny stories though........the nurse said she put me back in the crate after my treatment today and I rolled over on my side and started grunting. She thought I was hurt. Nope. I wanted her to rub the belly. DUH! It has taken awhile to train these people. She also told my mom last night about me being a "stinker." So, she and my doctor were getting ready to leave, and they were the last ones there. I had a water bowl in my crate and after I had assessed that "no one was looking" I took my nose and turned the thing over because I was MAD they were leaving!!!
I got home, ran into the yard, pooped, and then ran right back inside and crawled under the blankets. My mom can't decide if I don't feel good, or if I have been awake all night because I was scared. I crave attention, so I am thinking that I was so angry that they left me there that I worried all night. To prove what a brat I am, I rubbed all the skin off my nose again. Wouldn't YOU? They shaved ANOTHER place on my back and now my back hair looks like a freakin' MOHAWK! I got mad when Fritz got in my business when I got home and all my back hair was standing up, with just that little mohawk part sticking straight up. If I was more rested, I might even think it's funny.
Bottom line is that the doc says I did well and if I don't have any problems for the next month or so, I don't go back for a checkup for 6 months. I am hoping that the pancreatitis was a fluke last time and not related......cause I can't deal with that again. Hell, I am not sure my mom's cardiac status and GI tract would be intact if she had to go through that again. I think I had the easy part.
Well, I gotta get back to sleep. I may milk this for a few days and make my mom feel guilty for leaving me at the vet overnight. Because she SHOULD feel guilty. Cosmo whispered in my ear this afternoon that "things just don't run right without you, Louie." Dude. I knew that. I AM the glue that holds this house together. But don't tell Fritz. He thinks he does.
Peace out peeps!!
Louie Lou

Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh come ON!!

I was just informed that I have to go to the vet AGAIN in the morning and this time I have to stay overnight! Are ya kidding me? I was just getting my "Louie Mojo" back!! Now I will walk away with the shameful shave somewhere on my back and have to look like a goob for another month. I need to talk to my agent about this because somehow I got screwed.
I will share with you that I am the sweetest dog ever. Know what I did last night? I could tell my mom was cold and needed me to keep her warm (fat boys generate a lot of heat). So, I waited until she was asleep on her side, and then I snuck up behind her. I put my paws on the back of her neck and then snuggled my body against her back, with my nose under her ear. I knew that in addition to being kept warm, she would want to hear me snoring. I bet it comforts her when I do that. The steadiness of my breathing probably makes her have really good dreams.
I have a new trick, too. Well, actually, it's my new way to manipulate my mom. I have the "look." Whenever I do something bad, I have learned to just have a blank stare on my face and keep my ears down. These other idiots crap in the house, and the minute my mom looks at them their ears flop back. I wanna scream at them and say "Morons!! Just sit still and keep your ears in place and she won't know it's you! Quit being a dead give away!!" I get away with stuff all the time because I am like "don't look at me..."
Ok guys, I gotta go outside and then head to the "nite nite" bed before my big day tomorrow. Say a little dog prayer for me.
Love you guys!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My old self!

I know it's been awhile since I blogged, but I am really too busy feeling like my old self!!! You would never know there had been anything wrong with me, except for the two shaved places. I thinkI overheard my mom talking to the vet today about my next appointment in a couple weeks and I have to stay overnight. NOT pleased. I thought I was done with all that mess.
Let's talk about my special food. At first, I really liked it. But, as time has gone on, I feel like eating some of Fritz's food, then tumbling over to Miko's bowl for her leftovers. I would try and steal Cosmo's, but he eats too fast. Now that my tummy feels better I don't understand why my mom won't feed me the good stuff. Can you believe that she ate crackers tonight and didn't give me ANYTHING? I almost considered not sitting on her lap while we watched "Glee." In the end, I caved. I know I have given her a rough time lately and I didn't think she could emotionally handle the shun.
Wish there was more to say right now, but maybe I will have more interesting thoughts after Grandma visits next week. It won't be the same, since she always brings good treats and now I can't have any chewy bones. But if she is reading this, I can still have the regular treats I get after going potty. *wink* *wink*
Peace out peeps-

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Enjoying the attention

HI guys!!! I thought I would update you on my recovery...my mom is still home, so she helps me type. I have been home for almost a week, and aside from the first night, I have felt great! I get to take my Flagyl in these special treats that my mom bought at the vet. It's pretty cool because I am the only one who gets them. Neener neener. One thing I haven't figured out yet is why I don't get Mom's food anymore. Now that I think about it, no one does. I am not sure that seems fair to me, given that I am "recovering." I heard mom talking to Grandma about it and it has something to do with table food being "bad." I'm not so sure, but whatever.
I love my new food, and feel pretty special that everyone else gets the crappy old stuff, and I get the new expensive vet food. Oh yea. I'm cool. My mom still yells at me when I run and get too wild, or try to start some stuff with my cousin Cosmo. I keep forgetting I have the heart thing goin on too!! Man! I am pitiful!! :)
I thought my mom would cry when I first ate some food last week. I thought she was a freak, but then remembered that she had to clean up the projectile blood all over the house, so her happiness might have been related to that. Regardless, I am happy to be home with my mom and siblings, and have enjoyed the cold nights because it gives me reason to snuggle my head on mom's shoulder. Plus, my mom has been sick, so I think it is my duty to help take her mind off of that and have her pet me. Seems like the least I can do.
So that is what is new with me. I gotta go claim my spot under the yellow quilt. My mom puts it in the dryer to get it warm and then we fight to burrow under it when she puts it down on the floor. Life is good.
Love ya!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Longest week ever...

Hi guys! It's Louie! I'm home!!! I gotta tell ya, even though I love to eat and find small pieces of random crap in the yard to digest, I am gonna think twice in the future. I am now officially the world's most expensive rescued shelter dog. Pancreatitis is NOT fun.
My mom was worried about me last night because I wouldn't eat and acted depressed. I did sleep in the big bed and snuggled with her. When we got up this morning, I was more perky and even ate a couple teaspoons of my special new dog food (Cosmo is jealous). When my mom got home from the hospital, I ran to greet her in old style fashion...........wagging my tail and doing my "excited" bark. I immediately took one of my special treats and gobbled it up. I pottied outside, and it was mostly "normal." I won't share more than that, for fear of TMI.
The best part was that I was really hungry, ate about half a can of my special food, took my medicine, and have kept it down! Plus, you know I am back to normal when I constantly whine and my mom and nudge her hand to pet me. I think I am worthy of some extra TLC for say.....oh....the next 3 years. Just sayin'...
Thanks to everyone who prayed for me. I was prayin for myself! I was getting pretty pissed at my mom for picking me up twice a day and leaving me in the scary place. But, everyone says I am "handsome" and "sweet" so it's nice to be appreciated. Gotta go sit on my mom's lap and watch Grey's Anatomy. I don't really like the show, but it's time with her, so I adapt.
Much love to all my fans (and thanks for supporting my mom)-
Lou Lou

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Does no one like me anymore?

Louie is mad at me for leaving him at the emergency vet again tonight. I got right in his face and he refused to give me a kiss. Stubborn little stinker. I am sure he thinks that he is being punished for something! When I went to my vet to pick him up tonight, I was waiting in the lobby and this vet nurse walks out with a dachshund. This one had one of those plastic collars on to keep them from licking. I thought "how pitiful." The dog kept staring at me and I said "that dog looks a lot like Louie." The nurse says "Uh, it IS Louie." WHAT? Hasn't he been through enough to not have to wear that shameful collar? He apparently was trying to take his IV out. Pitiful.
So, I had a long talk with his regular vet, Dr. Bolles, who I think is actually a saint. I mean, if I could ordain people for loving my dog as much as me, he would get ordained. He explained all of his labs, ABG's, and electrolytes. And, he reassured me that this problem wasn't interfering with his heart treatment. Hopefully, he can get the fluids he needs tonight and bring his temp up so that tomorrow they can try solid food. If he can accomplish that, he can probably come home. I am not sure my heart or my wallet can handle another night at the ER.
He will have to permanently be on a special diet, which should help his digestion and his weight. As if he needed the blow to his ego right NOW to have them tell him he is a fatty. But, I will do whatever it takes to avoid this again.......for Louie's sake and mine. His buddy Cosmo is lost without him, but Miko and Fritz could really care less. We will have to have a family meeting about that.
I haven't had a meltdown today, and am more relaxed tonight. However, I am praying that Louie can come home tomorrow. It would be great if you could too.
President of Louie's Fan Club

A long, long night...

Hi guys! It's Louie. I am a sick boy, but know I have tons of fans and want to keep you posted. My mom is pitiful...she hardly slept all night and couldn't wait to come pick me up. I am still not myself, and turns out that the ER vet did a test on my pancreas and I have pancreatitis. Boo hoo for me. I got morphine. That was nice. When my mom left, they told her that I was a "handsome sweet boy " and they wished all their patients could be that way. I am glad for the compliment, but how difficult can you be when you're high?
I went back to my regular vet this morning and Dr. Graves just called my mom. Basically, I have having trouble keeping my temperature up and they have me on heating blankets. He said I will have to go back to the ER vet to stay the night again tonight, and then back to the regular vet all day tomorrow. I am not thrilled about this, but I feel so terrible that I don't care as long as I get better. I have to go on a special diet now (and a weight loss program). Seriously? Food was my ONLY highlight (aside from my mom). Oh well.
This sweet boy has to sign off.........I gotta rest today at the vet and let them kiss me and pet me. I really don't even feel bad for my greeting to them this morning. My mom put me on the floor when we walked in and the first thing I did was walk over to the mat at the door and take about a 5 minute pee. HEY! I had like 800ml of fluid or some mess infused last night! My bladder isn't that big, even for a fat boy!
Love you guys-

Monday, November 1, 2010

Relatively sucky day

Louie has given me permission to write on his behalf...if he were here he wouldn't be up to writing anyway. I came home from work today to find a couple drops of blood on the kitchen floor and Louie's rear end was covered in dried blood. FREAK OUT. After assessing the house, I found several large spots of blood which I temporarily cleaned up...before racing out the door to the vet. When we got to a room at the vet, they drew blood and went to draw labs. It was at this point, when Lou and I were alone, that he started to look like he was going to poopy. Uh NO. He literally projected blood out of his rectum. Poor guy was so scared he crawled under the chair. At this point, I am sweating and trying not to cry. Vet says that it was hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.
Treatment for this is continuous IV fluids and antibiotics. Only cool thing was that he could use "real" medical terminology and I was able to understand the pathophysiology of it (I know, NERD alert). The plan: they give Louie IV access and I take him to the emergency vet to stay overnight and get fluids. Vet wrote transfer orders and we zipped on over there.
One problem: ER vet didn't open till 7pm, which gave me just enough time alone with my sweet boy to have a total meltdown. Picture me, in the dark, in an empty parking lot, bawling while holding my dog. Apparently, one of the employees spotted this meltdown, felt sorry for me, and let me come in 30 minutes early.
Now, when I met with Dr. Hamm, the waterworks continued and I gave up all attempts to be a calm and collected mother. She handed me tissues (ME! Tissues!!) and told me all that they would do. The breaking point was when the tech came in and asked me if I gave them permission to do CPR if needed. Seriously? Do I present like someone who would NOT want CPR? Louie had yet again had another projectile blood event at the emergency vet and seeing him so miserable was the end for me.
So, baby boy has to stay overnight and I pick him up at 630 am and take him to my regular vet to stay for the day and get more fluids. This routine may have to go on for a few more days, or he may be able to come home tomorrow night. My vet said it would probably be a couple days, but the ER vet said maybe not. For many reasons, I am voting for Dr. Hamm's assessment. I just want my baby to feel better........and for me to be able to calm down enough to finish my school work and get some sleep.
Who's up for another yard sale? Plasma donation?
Much love to all of Louie's fans-

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


What did I do? I mean, I don't remember anything totally outrageous that I did to get in trouble. But dang.......I am SURE in trouble! First, anytime I run or even MOVE fast, my mom yells at me. Then, I got caught running through the yard, so she scooped me up and made me sit on her lap the WHOLE time she was outside. Everyone else got to run, and play, and scream at the people walking by. Not me. Like a total goober, I had to be the loser stuck on his MOMMY's lap. How degrading. She started kissing on me and saying "Now Lou Lou, you have to stay quiet for two months and not be active cause you are sick." Listen lady, a few kisses and treats doesn't make up for the fact that you are treating me like a prisoner!! You even yelled at me when my friends came over tonight! I was just glad to see them.........but Mom still yelled "No Louie!"
This mess isn't going to work. I can't be treated like I am a juvenile delinquent when I don't even know what I did wrong. Word on the street is that this mess is going to last two months? No way. I may have to make a break for it. How ashamed would YOU feel if you were sitting on your own deck, in your own yard, but had a collar and leash attached?
Love you guys-

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brave boy!!

Today was my big day. I got super excited when my mom put my collar on (I am too fat to just wear it around, so I know it means "ride!"). My cousin Cosmo was very sad when I was outside and he was inside- he howled and jumped at the door. But I didn't care. I was going somewhere with my MOM!! Then she parked in front of the place where they look in your butt and give you shots. Once inside, I realized that this place was AWESOME. All this people were there to pay attention to ME. A nurse walked right up to me and I jumped on him- of course I knew he wanted a kiss from me. When they came with the leash to take me back to the hospital part, I just waddled away without a second glance at my mom. I think she probably was sad about that.
Dr. Bolles said the only problem they had with me was that I liked to be petted. DUH. He said that I "would let them know when he wanted to be petted more." Did I miss a memo? That was their job. Anyway, I am sort of self conscious because they had to shave part of my back to give me my injection. I look like a dork. Dr. Bolles said I have Stage 2 heart disease but that I should be ok when all the treatment is over. It may not reverse everything, but I can hopefully be around for awhile!
I was glad to see my mom, but kind of gave her the cold shoulder. Who the hell drops their kid off for the day and let's the caregivers shave them? I mean, seriously. When I got home, my friends were so happy to see me. I was glad to see them too, but I had to #1-get a drink and then #2 go and lift my leg on the broom. Then, I ignored them all and went and hid under my blankets. Dr. Bolles said I might be lethargic today because it was so much out of my routine. I have to be on activity rest for two months. I guess my mom is gonna have to entertain Mr. ADHD- he won't leave me alone!! But, I get to slouch it for two months and get all the attention. being sick isn't that bad!
SO-thanks to all you who loved me enough to help pay for my treatment. One down and two to go!! Many happy doxie kisses to all of you!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The yard sale that saved me

Amy's perspective on the yard sale: FREEZING. Early. Woman in her pajamas buys dresser and stuffs it in the back seat of her car. Pseudo homeless guy comes to talk about "healing yourself by knowing your heart and immune system." Cosmo comes outside, gets off his leash, runs across the church parking lot and into the fellowship hall of the Ethiopian church. Amy has to run (in flip flops) into the church, while being bombarded by church goers screaming at her in a language she doesn't understand. Cosmo returns home and is banned from leaving the house again. Sun comes out. Starts sweating. Lady with yellow weave buys teal colored couch and brings Grandpa Bobo and 140 pound JoJo to lift the sofa sleeper to the street. Time runs out. Signs up that everything left is free, and people begin looting the front yard. Woman rings doorbell, Amy answers in a towel (was in the shower) and the woman wanted a freakin donut. Enough money raised to save LOUIE!!
Louie's perspective: Why are we up this early? Why can't I go outside, because I hear my mom out there? I know there are people on the porch- I can hear them. Run out back and bark. Get anxious, and start eating every pair of shoes my mom left on the floor (Fritz's idea). Mom picks me up and takes me out front to show me off- I'm freaked. Cosmo disappears for awhile, then comes back and he was in trouble. Out back again to bark and protect the perimeter. Mom comes in. People out front go away. Pass out on the deck- busy day. Enough money raised to save ME!!
This is the abbreviated version, but in the end, the yard sale was a success, not much was left, and someone finally came and took the large filing cabinet out of the front yard! Louie goes to the vet on Tuesday (26th) and will stay overnight. He will post with updates when he gets home! Love and wet dog kisses to all of Lou Lou's fans!

Monday, October 18, 2010

For my fans...

SAVE LOUIE!! Ok, so I am pretty sure no one is surprised that I am blogging about my dog. Actually, this is supposed to be HIS blog, but the lack of opposable thumbs makes it difficult to type. And let's be real, the dog has way too many other things to do. After the recent "Save Louie" campaign, he decided that he needed to give back to his fans. Let them know what he is up to. He felt he owed them that much...so...VOILA. A blog about (and by) my dog.
Many of you know that Louie was a dog living in a shelter in Alabama. I was fostering for a rescue organization and got an email about a dachshund in a shelter that was scheduled to be euthanized by the end of the week. WHAT? No way. So, I drove to Alabama, met the lady who picked him up from the shelter, and brought Louie home. I had no intention of keeping him........just wanted to give him a chance to live and find a forever home. But- have you met Louie? After about a week, it was apparent that he was the missing piece to the dachshund puzzle at my house. We had a family meeting (Fritz, Miko and I) and decided that we wanted to adopt Louie. Ok, ok. So it was me who wanted to adopt Louie- Fritz just gave me the "eye." My house became Louie's forever home on February 12, 2010. Since we don't know much about him or when his birthday is, we have decided to celebrate his birthday on that date, because that is when his life really started!!!
Enough history. Just know that Louie is one of the funniest dogs I have ever met. His only real stress in life is that he is not getting petted every minute of every day. Other than that, pretty much lumbers through life like a stoner on a 3 day high. Louie is the best kind of dog...never meets a stranger and the first thing he wants to do is lick your face.
More to come on the whole Save Louie sale and all the adventures that morning, including my race to catch a running dog that had escaped into the Ethiopian church next door. Never a dull moment.
Louie and the gang are hitting the couch for some study time. Which in Louie terms means "let me lay right on top of you so you are as uncomfortable as possible." Funny. I hardly even notice how much he weighs- I am just content to listen to his warm cuddly self snore as he sleeps.