Monday, October 18, 2010

For my fans...

SAVE LOUIE!! Ok, so I am pretty sure no one is surprised that I am blogging about my dog. Actually, this is supposed to be HIS blog, but the lack of opposable thumbs makes it difficult to type. And let's be real, the dog has way too many other things to do. After the recent "Save Louie" campaign, he decided that he needed to give back to his fans. Let them know what he is up to. He felt he owed them that much...so...VOILA. A blog about (and by) my dog.
Many of you know that Louie was a dog living in a shelter in Alabama. I was fostering for a rescue organization and got an email about a dachshund in a shelter that was scheduled to be euthanized by the end of the week. WHAT? No way. So, I drove to Alabama, met the lady who picked him up from the shelter, and brought Louie home. I had no intention of keeping him........just wanted to give him a chance to live and find a forever home. But- have you met Louie? After about a week, it was apparent that he was the missing piece to the dachshund puzzle at my house. We had a family meeting (Fritz, Miko and I) and decided that we wanted to adopt Louie. Ok, ok. So it was me who wanted to adopt Louie- Fritz just gave me the "eye." My house became Louie's forever home on February 12, 2010. Since we don't know much about him or when his birthday is, we have decided to celebrate his birthday on that date, because that is when his life really started!!!
Enough history. Just know that Louie is one of the funniest dogs I have ever met. His only real stress in life is that he is not getting petted every minute of every day. Other than that, pretty much lumbers through life like a stoner on a 3 day high. Louie is the best kind of dog...never meets a stranger and the first thing he wants to do is lick your face.
More to come on the whole Save Louie sale and all the adventures that morning, including my race to catch a running dog that had escaped into the Ethiopian church next door. Never a dull moment.
Louie and the gang are hitting the couch for some study time. Which in Louie terms means "let me lay right on top of you so you are as uncomfortable as possible." Funny. I hardly even notice how much he weighs- I am just content to listen to his warm cuddly self snore as he sleeps.

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