Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A long, long night...

Hi guys! It's Louie. I am a sick boy, but know I have tons of fans and want to keep you posted. My mom is pitiful...she hardly slept all night and couldn't wait to come pick me up. I am still not myself, and turns out that the ER vet did a test on my pancreas and I have pancreatitis. Boo hoo for me. I got morphine. That was nice. When my mom left, they told her that I was a "handsome sweet boy " and they wished all their patients could be that way. I am glad for the compliment, but how difficult can you be when you're high?
I went back to my regular vet this morning and Dr. Graves just called my mom. Basically, I have having trouble keeping my temperature up and they have me on heating blankets. He said I will have to go back to the ER vet to stay the night again tonight, and then back to the regular vet all day tomorrow. I am not thrilled about this, but I feel so terrible that I don't care as long as I get better. I have to go on a special diet now (and a weight loss program). Seriously? Food was my ONLY highlight (aside from my mom). Oh well.
This sweet boy has to sign off.........I gotta rest today at the vet and let them kiss me and pet me. I really don't even feel bad for my greeting to them this morning. My mom put me on the floor when we walked in and the first thing I did was walk over to the mat at the door and take about a 5 minute pee. HEY! I had like 800ml of fluid or some mess infused last night! My bladder isn't that big, even for a fat boy!
Love you guys-

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