Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brave boy!!

Today was my big day. I got super excited when my mom put my collar on (I am too fat to just wear it around, so I know it means "ride!"). My cousin Cosmo was very sad when I was outside and he was inside- he howled and jumped at the door. But I didn't care. I was going somewhere with my MOM!! Then she parked in front of the place where they look in your butt and give you shots. Once inside, I realized that this place was AWESOME. All this people were there to pay attention to ME. A nurse walked right up to me and I jumped on him- of course I knew he wanted a kiss from me. When they came with the leash to take me back to the hospital part, I just waddled away without a second glance at my mom. I think she probably was sad about that.
Dr. Bolles said the only problem they had with me was that I liked to be petted. DUH. He said that I "would let them know when he wanted to be petted more." Did I miss a memo? That was their job. Anyway, I am sort of self conscious because they had to shave part of my back to give me my injection. I look like a dork. Dr. Bolles said I have Stage 2 heart disease but that I should be ok when all the treatment is over. It may not reverse everything, but I can hopefully be around for awhile!
I was glad to see my mom, but kind of gave her the cold shoulder. Who the hell drops their kid off for the day and let's the caregivers shave them? I mean, seriously. When I got home, my friends were so happy to see me. I was glad to see them too, but I had to #1-get a drink and then #2 go and lift my leg on the broom. Then, I ignored them all and went and hid under my blankets. Dr. Bolles said I might be lethargic today because it was so much out of my routine. I have to be on activity rest for two months. I guess my mom is gonna have to entertain Mr. ADHD- he won't leave me alone!! But, I get to slouch it for two months and get all the attention. being sick isn't that bad!
SO-thanks to all you who loved me enough to help pay for my treatment. One down and two to go!! Many happy doxie kisses to all of you!!

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