Friday, December 10, 2010

My first Christmas

Hey guys! Happy Holidays! Just a little update from the Lou-Man. I don't know what happened here, but there is weird crap all over this house. I don't understand this big wooden light up Santa guy in the dining room. So I peed on him. What the heck is that tree with shiny stuff on it in the front room? Don't get that either. So I peed on it. I don't really care for the jingle bells on the doors either. Can't pee on those. But, if I were greater than 6 inches in height, I would go for it.
I realized yesterday that this will be my first Christmas with my forever family. I don't really remember life before them, but my mom says someone must have loved me. I disagree- uh, didn't she rescue me the day before I was supposed to be euthanized? She said that because I am so attention seeking and spoiled that I must have learned that I could get away with it somewhere. I bet my other family misses me. Like my mom says, "their loss is her gain!" I don't really understand what that means, but when she says it she is always nuzzling me or kissing my face, so I just go with it.
Yesterday morning I pulled another of my "cuteness" stunts. I am trying to "out cute" everyone else in the house. Based on the snubs from Miko and Fritz growling at me, I think I succeed. Anyway, I got hot under the covers and so I moved up and slept next to my mom's head, on her pillow, on my back, with all four stubby legs sticking straight in the air. HOW CUTE IS THAT? Sometimes, I don't even know where I come up with this stuff. I impress myself.
Well, mom might need to mop the floor, which means I need to walk across it in a few minutes.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Kisser!

When my mom walked into the vet today, they all said "It's Louie's mom!!!" I heard her voice and immediately started talking smack in the back. The nurse came out and said to my mom "He knows your here!" When they FINALLY carried me out to her, I gave her a dirty look, but wagged my tail, kissed all over her face, and did my little groan thing that I do when I am excited. Then the nurse kissed my head to tell me goodbye and I licked her right on the lips. Several times. Hey..hate the game, not the playa.
Funny stories though........the nurse said she put me back in the crate after my treatment today and I rolled over on my side and started grunting. She thought I was hurt. Nope. I wanted her to rub the belly. DUH! It has taken awhile to train these people. She also told my mom last night about me being a "stinker." So, she and my doctor were getting ready to leave, and they were the last ones there. I had a water bowl in my crate and after I had assessed that "no one was looking" I took my nose and turned the thing over because I was MAD they were leaving!!!
I got home, ran into the yard, pooped, and then ran right back inside and crawled under the blankets. My mom can't decide if I don't feel good, or if I have been awake all night because I was scared. I crave attention, so I am thinking that I was so angry that they left me there that I worried all night. To prove what a brat I am, I rubbed all the skin off my nose again. Wouldn't YOU? They shaved ANOTHER place on my back and now my back hair looks like a freakin' MOHAWK! I got mad when Fritz got in my business when I got home and all my back hair was standing up, with just that little mohawk part sticking straight up. If I was more rested, I might even think it's funny.
Bottom line is that the doc says I did well and if I don't have any problems for the next month or so, I don't go back for a checkup for 6 months. I am hoping that the pancreatitis was a fluke last time and not related......cause I can't deal with that again. Hell, I am not sure my mom's cardiac status and GI tract would be intact if she had to go through that again. I think I had the easy part.
Well, I gotta get back to sleep. I may milk this for a few days and make my mom feel guilty for leaving me at the vet overnight. Because she SHOULD feel guilty. Cosmo whispered in my ear this afternoon that "things just don't run right without you, Louie." Dude. I knew that. I AM the glue that holds this house together. But don't tell Fritz. He thinks he does.
Peace out peeps!!
Louie Lou