Thursday, October 21, 2010

The yard sale that saved me

Amy's perspective on the yard sale: FREEZING. Early. Woman in her pajamas buys dresser and stuffs it in the back seat of her car. Pseudo homeless guy comes to talk about "healing yourself by knowing your heart and immune system." Cosmo comes outside, gets off his leash, runs across the church parking lot and into the fellowship hall of the Ethiopian church. Amy has to run (in flip flops) into the church, while being bombarded by church goers screaming at her in a language she doesn't understand. Cosmo returns home and is banned from leaving the house again. Sun comes out. Starts sweating. Lady with yellow weave buys teal colored couch and brings Grandpa Bobo and 140 pound JoJo to lift the sofa sleeper to the street. Time runs out. Signs up that everything left is free, and people begin looting the front yard. Woman rings doorbell, Amy answers in a towel (was in the shower) and the woman wanted a freakin donut. Enough money raised to save LOUIE!!
Louie's perspective: Why are we up this early? Why can't I go outside, because I hear my mom out there? I know there are people on the porch- I can hear them. Run out back and bark. Get anxious, and start eating every pair of shoes my mom left on the floor (Fritz's idea). Mom picks me up and takes me out front to show me off- I'm freaked. Cosmo disappears for awhile, then comes back and he was in trouble. Out back again to bark and protect the perimeter. Mom comes in. People out front go away. Pass out on the deck- busy day. Enough money raised to save ME!!
This is the abbreviated version, but in the end, the yard sale was a success, not much was left, and someone finally came and took the large filing cabinet out of the front yard! Louie goes to the vet on Tuesday (26th) and will stay overnight. He will post with updates when he gets home! Love and wet dog kisses to all of Lou Lou's fans!

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  1. A woman knocked on your door requesting a precious precious donut gem??? And you did not tell me about the looting in your yard. Sometimes I think looting would be kinda fun.