Monday, November 1, 2010

Relatively sucky day

Louie has given me permission to write on his behalf...if he were here he wouldn't be up to writing anyway. I came home from work today to find a couple drops of blood on the kitchen floor and Louie's rear end was covered in dried blood. FREAK OUT. After assessing the house, I found several large spots of blood which I temporarily cleaned up...before racing out the door to the vet. When we got to a room at the vet, they drew blood and went to draw labs. It was at this point, when Lou and I were alone, that he started to look like he was going to poopy. Uh NO. He literally projected blood out of his rectum. Poor guy was so scared he crawled under the chair. At this point, I am sweating and trying not to cry. Vet says that it was hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.
Treatment for this is continuous IV fluids and antibiotics. Only cool thing was that he could use "real" medical terminology and I was able to understand the pathophysiology of it (I know, NERD alert). The plan: they give Louie IV access and I take him to the emergency vet to stay overnight and get fluids. Vet wrote transfer orders and we zipped on over there.
One problem: ER vet didn't open till 7pm, which gave me just enough time alone with my sweet boy to have a total meltdown. Picture me, in the dark, in an empty parking lot, bawling while holding my dog. Apparently, one of the employees spotted this meltdown, felt sorry for me, and let me come in 30 minutes early.
Now, when I met with Dr. Hamm, the waterworks continued and I gave up all attempts to be a calm and collected mother. She handed me tissues (ME! Tissues!!) and told me all that they would do. The breaking point was when the tech came in and asked me if I gave them permission to do CPR if needed. Seriously? Do I present like someone who would NOT want CPR? Louie had yet again had another projectile blood event at the emergency vet and seeing him so miserable was the end for me.
So, baby boy has to stay overnight and I pick him up at 630 am and take him to my regular vet to stay for the day and get more fluids. This routine may have to go on for a few more days, or he may be able to come home tomorrow night. My vet said it would probably be a couple days, but the ER vet said maybe not. For many reasons, I am voting for Dr. Hamm's assessment. I just want my baby to feel better........and for me to be able to calm down enough to finish my school work and get some sleep.
Who's up for another yard sale? Plasma donation?
Much love to all of Louie's fans-

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