Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh come ON!!

I was just informed that I have to go to the vet AGAIN in the morning and this time I have to stay overnight! Are ya kidding me? I was just getting my "Louie Mojo" back!! Now I will walk away with the shameful shave somewhere on my back and have to look like a goob for another month. I need to talk to my agent about this because somehow I got screwed.
I will share with you that I am the sweetest dog ever. Know what I did last night? I could tell my mom was cold and needed me to keep her warm (fat boys generate a lot of heat). So, I waited until she was asleep on her side, and then I snuck up behind her. I put my paws on the back of her neck and then snuggled my body against her back, with my nose under her ear. I knew that in addition to being kept warm, she would want to hear me snoring. I bet it comforts her when I do that. The steadiness of my breathing probably makes her have really good dreams.
I have a new trick, too. Well, actually, it's my new way to manipulate my mom. I have the "look." Whenever I do something bad, I have learned to just have a blank stare on my face and keep my ears down. These other idiots crap in the house, and the minute my mom looks at them their ears flop back. I wanna scream at them and say "Morons!! Just sit still and keep your ears in place and she won't know it's you! Quit being a dead give away!!" I get away with stuff all the time because I am like "don't look at me..."
Ok guys, I gotta go outside and then head to the "nite nite" bed before my big day tomorrow. Say a little dog prayer for me.
Love you guys!

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