Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Does no one like me anymore?

Louie is mad at me for leaving him at the emergency vet again tonight. I got right in his face and he refused to give me a kiss. Stubborn little stinker. I am sure he thinks that he is being punished for something! When I went to my vet to pick him up tonight, I was waiting in the lobby and this vet nurse walks out with a dachshund. This one had one of those plastic collars on to keep them from licking. I thought "how pitiful." The dog kept staring at me and I said "that dog looks a lot like Louie." The nurse says "Uh, it IS Louie." WHAT? Hasn't he been through enough to not have to wear that shameful collar? He apparently was trying to take his IV out. Pitiful.
So, I had a long talk with his regular vet, Dr. Bolles, who I think is actually a saint. I mean, if I could ordain people for loving my dog as much as me, he would get ordained. He explained all of his labs, ABG's, and electrolytes. And, he reassured me that this problem wasn't interfering with his heart treatment. Hopefully, he can get the fluids he needs tonight and bring his temp up so that tomorrow they can try solid food. If he can accomplish that, he can probably come home. I am not sure my heart or my wallet can handle another night at the ER.
He will have to permanently be on a special diet, which should help his digestion and his weight. As if he needed the blow to his ego right NOW to have them tell him he is a fatty. But, I will do whatever it takes to avoid this again.......for Louie's sake and mine. His buddy Cosmo is lost without him, but Miko and Fritz could really care less. We will have to have a family meeting about that.
I haven't had a meltdown today, and am more relaxed tonight. However, I am praying that Louie can come home tomorrow. It would be great if you could too.
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