Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A happy heart....

Today was a big day for me.........I went back to the vet to check my 6 month check up after my heart treatment. My mom said he was gonna do something called an EKG; I was more concerned with the man in the waiting room who wanted to pet me. Ok, so maybe I told HIM to pet me (by barking at him to get his attention), but let's not argue over specifics. Anyway, I didn't have to get that test, but the vet ran bloodwork (I am not a fan of needles) and gave me a physical exam. My friend Melinda was helping today, but I was not her friend after she tricked me into getting my nails trimmed too.
So........my mom and I had to go back to the waiting room to wait on the blood work. You will not BELIEVE how many new butts there were to smell out there when I got back! Holy crap, it was fun! Of course, I had to pee on the door mat before commencing with the smelling of butts. And the HUMANS that were there to pet me! I thought "how did all these people know to come here and wait in line to pet me?" It was crazy. I was playing with my new friends when Melinda came out to tell my mom that the blood work came out fine and that I was all better!! My mom immediately picked me up and everyone started yelling "Yeah LOUIE!!" I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I know it included my mom kissing me all over my face and hugging me and people making a big deal out of me in general. Bottom line: I'm cured!
I should take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped to save my life. I have more baby possums to eat, more cicadas to chase, more bones to chew, and more butts to sniff. I have more time to sleep with my head snuggled up on my mom's neck at night. I get more time to play with Cosmo, chase birds in the yard, and steal shit from my siblings. Most importantly, I have more time to be loved by my mom. And trust me, I'm worth it.
Love ya,

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