Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year anniversary!!!

WOW! A big shout out to my Louie Fan Club peeps! It's been forever since I have updated you on my life, but it's mainly 'cause my mom hogs the computer and I can never remember the password when she is gone. I thought I should write today, since it is the TWO YEAR anniversary of when my mom saved me from that kill shelter in Alabama. My time was up, and although I was super scared that first night, I think I made a major score with her as my mom!!! How boring would her life have been without me!
For all of the "Save Louie" campaign contributors, I continue to do well with no other heart problems. I am still a fatty, but that doesn't stop me from doing what I want to do, which is mainly steal shit from my siblings. I actually invented a new game I call "Stalker." I hide behind the grill on the deck, and then wait for Cosmo to come up the steps and then I jump out and attack him when he reaches the top!! I also enjoy stealing ANY toy he has and either hiding it under the bed or shoving it under a blanket. He would NEVER think to look there.
I do need to vent for a minute. Apparently I have a new cousin......whatever that it. Anyway, her name is Abby and she lives far away in a place called Dallas. I have never met her, but she is all anyone around here talks about, her pictures are everywhere, and she is the "cutest." Wait a damn minute you little Abby person........stop stealing my gig. I am the cute cuddly one here and I want ALL the attention. We'll have words one day, you watch.
I am addicted to watching "The Sopranos" as my mom has been watching on the seasons on Netflix. I think I could have been their buddy, cause I have street "cred." Also, I have seen a lot more of my grandma since she moved here. She comes to check on me and my siblings when my mom has long days with school. I like her because she understands my need for attention and also because she ALWAYS brings treats.
Not much else to report here. I am pretty sure my pee froze this morning when I went outside, and I found that to be interesting.
Peace out peeps, much love to all my supporters!
Love ya,
Lou Lou

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