Monday, April 11, 2011

LWL update (LWL means "Life with Louie")

GUYS!! I didn't realize it had been two months since I blogged. Well, truth is, I got grounded for a few days for fighting with Miko, then I forgot my password and had to send for a reminder. But, I thought I would update you on the activities going on here.
The scoop: The recent bad weather (the wind) has learned to blow open the side gate on the house. Now, this gate is never opened except for when our Mom takes out the noise making machine that blows grass out the side. Well, mom apparently didn't notice that it got blown open one day and let us all out the back..........I am not sure if it was the shrill in her voice, or the sense of pure horror that made me stop what I was doing, but I got the sense that the door should NEVER be opened without supervision, and left it at that.
Next drama...........Miko had to go to the vet. Now, I had never been without the Alpha dog. And, she has never been ill since I have known her. She came home from the vet (my mom said she had 7 teeth pulled) and all she did was whimper. I tried to kiss her face, cause I knew she was hurting, but she growled at me. Life isn't the same when the Alpha is down. She is much better now. I think she might be high on her dog Tramadol because she went outside in the pouring rain today to go potty. Alpha doesn't even go out to potty when it is 75 and sunny.
Now, the good news...............GRANDMA is here!! WOOT WOOT!! Yep, the "treat lady" as I like to call her, moved close to us and can come here and visit ANYTIME! I think she wants to come every day and see me, but I told her she needed to get a life. For real.
Oh. Forgot to mention something that pissed me off. My mom got a part time job working for a pet sitting service. I am all for her bringing in cash that can be used for my treats and toys. HOWEVER, I am not pleased with the scent of whoreness she brings home with her. Does she think I don't smell those other dogs? Ridiculous. I mean, damn, woman. I sit on your lap all the time, demand your attention, and sleep practically on top of you at night so you aren't scared. Isn't that enough? Why do you need to go play with other dogs? Oh, I hear all that BS about "it makes me happy to take care of other dogs whose mommy's are out of town." But really, all it is is BS. I am giving her a month and then she needs to look for something else. The King of Jealousy does not share.
Also, I have taken up trying to catch Yellow Jackets in my mouth. Pretty fun game. My mom keeps telling me I am "gonna be sorry" when I catch one. What does she know? She thinks whoring around with other dogs is cool. Next.
On a final note, I posted some new pics of me and my peeps at the bottom of my blog page. I am one sexy dog. Look at those pictures and tell me TRUTHFULLY that you could walk by me and not pet me. It is scientifically impossible. I am like a magical force that cannot be resisted.
Ok. I have squirrels to chase and toys to steal from Cosmo.
Later dudes.

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